How to Save Your Glass and View the World Clearly Again

Have you ever seen old glassware that looks less than clear? That can occur for a variety of reasons. Etching from abrasive cleansers, brushes or sharp objects can leave a network of scratches that cause the glass to look dull or even milky. The same superficial damage can show up on windows, doors and other glass from storm damage, hard water buildup, improper cleaning techniques or criminal mischief. The good news is that you don’t have to live with it when you have a trusted name in glass repair available.

Etched or Scratched Glass

You’ve invested in the perfect home with the perfect view. When the sun sets, the romantic glow illuminates … a spiderweb of scratches across the glass! Don’t let etching or scratches mar those picturesque vistas. Glass scratch repair can put the joy back in enjoying your home.

Over time, windows and glass doors can become scratched from both natural and unnatural sources. Spray from saltwater fountains, debris from storms, man’s best friend scratching at the door and aggressive cleaning with abrasive materials can age the look of glass. The experienced technicians at Glass and Door Pros can give you advice on the best glass repair option for your home or office.


Graffiti is common on abandoned properties or public spaces like bridges and overpasses, but it can also happen to homes and other private places. Removing graffiti from the glass without damaging the surface poses a special problem. Whether you have tried to remove it and inadvertently etched the surface, or you want to avoid additional damage and need professional graffiti removal, Glass and Door Pros are the specialists in glass restoration that you need.

Hard Water Buildup

You finally got the shower of your dreams with rimless glass that gives an unobstructed view of the beautiful spa-like materials and fixtures. However, hard water can leave an unattractive scale-like buildup on the glass over time that can look and feel like concrete. Don’t risk damaging that expensive glass by attempting to scrape off the buildup. Maintain your investment and your enjoyment of your shower with professional hard water repair and removal on your glass walls and doors.

Glass Repair Options Whatever glass problem you have that affects the enjoyment of your home or office, Glass and Door Pros have the training, experience and techniques to repair, restore or replace it. Up-front pricing avoids unpleasant surprises, while emergency repair service means that they value the safety and comfort of their customers. Contact them for an estimate today.

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