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3 Things to Consider When Investing in a Glass Tabletop

Glass tabletops are a wonderful investment for any home. They protect your furniture from damage while also giving it a polished and chic look.

The best part about considering glass tops is that they have multiple uses. You can place them over existing furniture or even as shelves and standalone surfaces around your kitchen and living areas.

Here are some things you should consider before investing in glass tabletops.

1.    Type of Glass Used

When it comes to the type of glass to be used, you have the option of tempered or annealed glass. The former is the more durable, safer choice as it doesn’t crack easily. Moreover, if your tempered glass top does break, it will form small, dull chunks that can’t really cause injuries. This makes tempered glass the right choice for larger tables or households with children and pets.

On the other hand, annealed glass works well if your table is small or you require a glass tabletop to cover an existing piece of furniture. Since the changes of these tops breaking are low, annealed glass can be used safely.

2.    The Thickness Level

The thickness level you choose for your glass tabletops should be decided early on. This is because the creation and customization processes can only be started once the glassmakers know of your desired thickness.

If you’re planning on covering the chest of drawers or any other existing piece of furniture with your glass top, a thin glass layer will work well. This is because it has plenty of support under it. However, if you want the tabletop to serve as a standalone surface, be sure to opt for a thick piece of glass.

3.    The Corner Types

Your glass tabletop will slightly extend away from the table. That’s how glass tabletops are designed to cover the material underneath fully. However, if this tabletop has sharp edges, it can lead to horrible injuries in your home.

That is why at Glass and Door Pros, we offer you the option of choosing the corner type for your glass tabletops. You can pick from a variety of small, rounded corners or larger ones that are customized to the table surface.