Commercial Door Hardware Repair

Commercial Door Hardware Repair


Doors that make a grand entrance

Your commercial doors are often the “face” of your business, making a big first impression on everyone who approaches your commercial space. Ensure that you’re providing the most professional and welcoming experience possible with commercial doors that are in top condition and excellent working order.


The Glass & Door Pros approach

We offer on-call emergency door repairs to fix minor and major issues with your commercial doors. Our experienced glass pros work with every type of commercial door and hardware, including door closers, pivots, hinges, emergency exit devices, thresholds, lever locks, continuous hinges, and more.

Yes, in most cases it’s the door closer. We keep most styles in stock for faster services.

Yes, in most cases it’s the door’s flush bolts or latch lock. These can be repaired or replaced.

Yes, once we determine the cause of the issue we will provide you options for the fix.

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