Windows Sash Balances

Window Sash Balance Replacements


Glass windows that open and close like new

Stop struggling with sticky, stubborn windows that are a literal pain to open and close. If your windows are older or have a lot of wear and tear, then the springs may have become rusted, corroded, slack, or loaded with debris. Window balance replacements are a simple repair that can make all the difference in getting your windows to operate like new — or even better.

The Glass & Door Pros approach

We stock the most popular sash support balances (channel balances and spiral balances) so we’re ready to replace broken or worn-out window supports at a moment’s notice. Our experienced glass pros have decades of experience repairing and replacing supports, so you can enjoy safe, secure, and easy-to-operate windows.

Yes, in most cases if the window sash opens vertically, it may be the window balances. We offer a variety of balances to fit your existing windows.

.No, we correctly don’t offer balance repairs on wood windows.

Yes, it is common for window balances to either drop along the side or shoot up where it’s hard to push them down again. We can repair these for you.

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