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Reasons to Choose an In-Glass Pet Door | Glass and Door Pros

An in-glass pet door replaces the ordinary glass pane in your door. The pet door is made of an Endura flap and is installed directly onto the pane of glass. These doors are so popular among pet parents because they offer pets the ability to move in and out freely to play.

Let’s take a look at some of its benefits:


Perhaps the most obvious benefits of an in-glass door is that it is barely noticeable and looks just like an ordinary part of your door. It retains the attractiveness of the door wile proving your pet the convenience of moving in and out as they please.

Single- and Double-Paned Versions

The single-paned in-glass pet door can be used with tempered safety glass that is about 1/5th of an inch think. If the glass is thicker, than a double version is a good choice.

Or double in-glass pet door is specially designed with tempered insulated glass unit that is up to 2 inch thick.

Easy Installation

Unlike most other kinds of pet doors, installing an in-glass pet door takes just a few minutes. All it needs is placing the pet door in the sliding door track and loosening the screws at the top of the panel to raise it. Since the height is adjustable, you can install pet doors with varying heights.

Weather Resistance

Your in-glass pet door can also be insulated against the weather, depending on what type of glass you use. By installing energy-efficient Low-E glass that keeps the UV rays out of your home. In addition, you can also increase the insulation property of your in-glass pet door by applying adhesive weather-stripping to it.


An in-glass pet door cannot be removed from the outside. In addition, these doors also come with a pin or track lock to close and lock the panel against the door track. If you want to add an extra level of security, you can also add a Charley bar or a C-clamp to it.

Have pets in your home but are worried about your home’s insulation and security? Contact with Glass and Door Pros today by visiting and ordering a locking and insulated in-glass pet door.